Sails outside of Princes Wharf No.1
Sails outside of Princes Wharf No.1

What we do

ERA Planning and Environment provides a broad range of planning and environmental services, using an agile and adaptable team of professionals with diverse qualifications and experience. We:

  • Advise property owners, developers, community groups, planning authorities, regulators, industry associations and all levels of government.
  • Guide development projects through planning and environmental approvals, from complex major projects through to small-scale residential projects, in cities, suburbs and towns, on the coast, in the bush and on farms.
  • Assist our clients to engage with the community and stakeholders to build shared outcomes.
  • Create master plans, structure plans and precinct plans, establishing a framework for the realisation of better places and protection of what we value most.
  • Provide advice on development opportunities and the best locations.
  • Work with community groups and stakeholders to have their voice heard.
  • Research, analyse and identify trends about the way we live, work and play.
  • Assess bushfire risk for development and plan mitigation and emergency management measures.
  • Reconcile the protection of environmental values with new developments, identifying ecological values, regulatory requirements and management measures.

Our story

Since her early days as a planner, our Director, Emma, has been focused on creating a collaborative community of planning and environmental professionals to help shape the places we live and work, contribute to better outcomes and help people achieve their vision. She saw a need for experts who not only had the knowledge and skills but also a genuine passion and commitment to great planning and environmental outcomes, not just for the now but for the future.

In 2011, Emma saw an opportunity to make the first steps towards this vision, and in the past nine years has grown the business to a team of 12 people. They share a vision and a reputation for innovation, independence, reliability and professional integrity.

In the past few years, ERA has expanded to take on some of the most challenging, sensitive and high-profile planning and environmental projects in Tasmania. Meanwhile, we maintain our connections to the ‘coal face’ through the many and varied small projects we enjoy.

What we value

Integrity and independence

Our clients come to us because they need our expertise and experience. We believe in the importance of integrity and independence as planning and environmental experts. This means we are truthful and follow through on our commitments, enabling our clients to rely on us, and regulators and the community to have confidence in our work.


Trust is a critical element in our relationships with our clients and stakeholders. We recognise that certainty, reliability and transparency are critical to building trust. If we say we are going to do something and by a certain time, then we do; we have internal systems to protect confidentiality and privacy; and we maintain open and clear dialogue.


We believe engagement with stakeholders and the community is critical to successful projects in the planning and environmental sector. Our approach is to ‘listen’ before we plan and do, irrespective of any declared positions, and then to maintain open and constructive communications.


The best outcomes for our places draw on the shared, collective experience of people. We take every opportunity to collaborate with clients and other experts, bringing rigour and depth to our approach and solutions. The best solution is often a shared vision, found by drawing together the best people for the job.

Our people

We value the importance of teamwork and the collective experience of our people. Our reputation and strength as a professional services firm in the planning and environmental sector comes from our people: their experience, knowledge and respect for each other, and for our clients and collaborators.