Sails outside of Princes Wharf No.1
Sails outside of Princes Wharf No.1

ERA Planning and Environment provide an extensive range of professional services.

Ecological Assessment

ERA offers a suite of ecological services which comply with all aspects of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environments Guidelines for Natural Values Assessments. Our deliverables align with requirements from local, state and Commonwealth approval agencies. Available services include:

  • Ecological and fauna habitat assessments for development proposals
  • Vegetation mapping
  • Desktop based research and ecological risk assessments
  • Weed and disease management plans
  • Impact monitoring and research projects
  • Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs)

Development Applications

We can assist you in the preparation, lodgement and determination of development applications big or small. Recognising that development applications often involve input from a range of professionals, we also believe in close and strong cooperation with other consultants. In the development processes area, we can:

  • prepare and coordinate input into development applications
  • prepare supporting reports
  • consult with or provide representation to Planning Authorities

Site Assessments

We can provide project advice and due diligence and assist prospective developers to identify planning and environmental constraints and opportunities on particular parcels of land through site specific assessments. We can also prepare development frameworks for individual sites, that assist in guiding the design process.

Planning Scheme Amendments

We are experienced in preparing requests for planning scheme amendments (and combined development applications) for initiation and certification by local Planning Authorities and assessment by the Tasmanian Planning Commission. As part of these services we can coordinate the preparation of supporting technical reports and prepare planning reports addressing the legislative requirements for Planning Scheme Amendments, including an assessment against the objectives of the planning scheme, relevant State Policies and strategic land use documents.

We can also assist in the preparation of representations to Planning Scheme Amendments.

Expert Evidence

We are experienced in preparing statements of evidence and can assist in providing expert evidence before the Resource Management & Planning Appeal Tribunal and the Tasmanian Planning Commission. We work on the basis of an initial free evaluation of the planning issues and their merits and will provide you with our honest professional opinion before proceeding.

Our expert evidence services can be on behalf of developers, Planning Authorities, industry groups, the community and individuals.

Strategic Land Use Planning

At its heart land use planning is concerned with managing and providing for growth and change for cities, settlements and areas of economic activity. Strategic planning is the setting of policies and strategies, including desired spatial outcomes that will guide future land use, development and infrastructure decisions within an area, taking into account the protection of natural and cultural values.

At ERA we are involved in strategic planning from the local to regional level and bring to our clients an intimate experience and knowledge of the strategic planning context in Tasmania and changes occurring through the State Government’s planning reform process. We can undertake the preparation and review of local area plans, land use strategies, structure plans and precinct plans including consultation with stakeholders and the community. We can also undertake land use, urban economics and demographic research to inform policy documents.

Tourism and recreation plans and strategies

ERA utilises its skills in spatial planning and a strong network of technical subconsultants to deliver master planning for recreational and tourism areas. We offer clients practical and balanced solutions which aim to provide for an authentic and immersive experience while protecting and maintaining natural, cultural and community values and identity.

We recognise that tourism and recreation can provide opportunities for local communities but that a balanced and sustainable approach is necessary, and that strong community engagement is an important part of developing tourism and recreation based plans and strategies.

ERA has had particular experience on projects within protected and reserved areas, including recently completing the Freycinet Master Plan and currently progressing the Kelcey Tier Master Plan and Tourism Master Plan for the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area.

Environmental Impact Assessment and Approvals

ERA provides guidance, project management and documentation required to support all types of environmental impact assessment (EIA) needs.

We offer cost effective small-scale EIA services to support applications to Council as well as large scale EIA required for Level 2 (medium to large scale) developments assessed by the Tasmanian Environment Protection Authority (EPA). For such assessments we provide inception through to operational stage services including initial liaison with government agencies, submission of the Notice of Intent (NOI), preparation of the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) or Environmental Effects Report (EER), coordination of specialist studies, response to agencies during the assessment process and post approval environmental and planning services. We also have experience in the Commonwealth environmental approval process and its dovetail with the Tasmanian system in projects that trigger a bilateral assessment under both tiers of government.

Our combined planning, environmental and engagement approach offers a close-knit team with intimate knowledge of the whole project and the agility to navigate the assessment and approval process effectively and efficiently.

Environmental and Planning Permit Management

We offer services in the management and coordination of post-approval environment and planning conditions. For large scale developments such permit conditions can be complex. At ERA we have experience in managing and scheduling the necessary tasks to support the construction and operational phases of a project in its need to comply with approval conditions.

Environmental Reporting

ERA offers routine environmental reporting, for example Annual Environmental Reports, for small and large-scale operations.

Bushfire Management Assessment

Clare Hester is an accredited bushfire practitioner (Scopes 1, 2, 3A and 3B under the Fire Service Act 1979) and can conduct bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments and prepare bushfire hazard management plans (BHMP) for projects ranging from single dwellings to complex subdivisions, hazardous and vulnerable uses. Clare has extensive experience in preparing performance-based solutions and emergency management strategies and plans for hazardous and vulnerable uses under scope 4 where certification is required by the Chief Fire Officer at the Tasmania Fire Service (TFS).

Frances Beasley is a provisionally accredited bushfire practitioner and is on the Tasmania Fire Service mentoring program. Frances has experience preparing BAL’s and BHMPS’s for small to medium scale residential development and subdivisions.

ERA Planning & Environment maintain a close working relationship with the TFS and have successfully developed BHMP’s and emergency management strategies requiring performance based solutions. Examples include BHMP and emergency plans which have accommodated specific operational requirements, such as hiking hut sites on reserved land, or residential development on land where there is a need to minimise or avoid clearance of native vegetation.

Community and Stakeholder Engagement

ERA believes that suitably designed and facilitated engagement processes are critical to the success for many of our projects, particularly those in the strategic space. The benefits of collaborative engagement processes are more than just an agreed path forward, with strategic projects presenting an opportunity to build relationships amongst our clients, the community and stakeholders for the long term.

ERA can facilitate community and stakeholder engagement either as part of our planning or environmental projects or as stand-alone engagement projects. Specifically, we can facilitate a wide range of community workshops, drop in sessions, information forums and one-on-one engagement with community and stakeholders.

ERA also has experience in the implementation of online platforms as an engagement tool and are happy to work with the client to achieve their engagement outcome, recognising that each scenario is different, and each proposal will require a unique and tailored approach.