Cradle Mountain Master Plan
Cradle Mountain Master Plan

ERA Planning have been engaged by Parks and Wildlife Service to provide planning services associated with the implementation of the Cradle Mountain Visitor Experience Master Plan.

This Master Plan delivers a ‘precinct revitalisation’ at Cradle Mountain. It is aimed at presenting a clear, strategic master plan, directing public infrastructure investment by State and Federal Governments, as well as opportunities for private commercial involvement. The primary focus of the master plan is on:

  • Cradle Mountain arrival, Visitor Centre and services
  • Transport between the Visitor Centre precinct and Dove Lake precinct; and
  • The Dove Lake visitor experience.

ERA is coordinating the preparation of development applications with the appointed architects – Cumulus Studios – for both the Dove Lake Shelter and stage one of the Cradle Gateway Village. This work includes preparation of supporting planning submissions. Approval for Stage One of the Cradle Gateway Village has been received and ERA are currently in the process of preparing the development application for the Dove Lake Shelter.

The Dove Lake Shelter requires approval through the Reserve Activity Assessment (RAA) process which ERA has also undertaken on behalf of Parks and Wildlife Services, along with the referral to the Commonwealth Government under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 2002. This work involved the preparation of a Development Proposal and Environmental Impact Statement (DPEIS) to inform the Parks assessment process. The DPEIS outlined the proposal, the existing site values, the potential for environmental impact and mitigation measures and monitoring requirements.

For stage two of the Cradle Gateway Village, ERA prepared a planning scheme amendment application in consultation with Kentish Council to replace the existing Specific Area Plan for Cradle Valley with one that aligns with the current Master Plan. The Tasmanian Planning Commission approved the amendment in October 2018.