The Lake House, designed by MGArchitecture.Interiors (MGAI) and recently constructed, is located at the base of Perrins Ridge, which is part of Snug Tiers, south of Hobart. The house is located in a bushland setting on the edge of a large, artificial lake.

Nominated in the 2020 Tasmanian Architecture Awards, the dwelling brings together traditional farmhouse architecture and materials, as well as modern technologies sensitive to the environmental and ecological needs of today. From inside the house, windows frame a landscape of intense beauty and serenity as do the timber and stone work, to create a seamless statement of place.

ERA was engaged by MGAI to undertake a bushfire assessment and prepare the Bushfire Hazard Management Plan to satisfy the requirements of the Director’s Determination under the Building Act 2001. This was a challenging site with long, steep, heavily vegetated access and in an area with significant bushfire risk.

(Photo credit: Peter Mathew)