ERA Planning was engaged by Lake Frederick Inn Pty Ltd to seek a rezoning and then a subsequent planning application for a proposed whisky distillery at 99 High Street, Oatlands.

The project entails a new whisky distillery at 99 High Street that will be integrated into the Callington Mill site, providing for a seamless and enhanced visitor experience where visitors can appreciate the history of the mill and heritage buildings as well as showcase a Tasmanian produced whisky. This site will accommodate whisky production as well as visitor attractions including tours, whisky tasting, restaurant. Bar and viewing platforms. The visitor area will be accessible via a proposed pedestrian only entry way from the existing Callington Mill site, designed to create an integrated public forecourt.

The rezoning application involved changing the part of the land that was zoned General Residential to General Business and an amendment to the use table to include ‘resource processing’ as discretionary.

Subsequent to the rezoning, ERA submitted the development application with a planning permit and heritage works permit granted in December 2018. The planning application addresses the use standards, development standards for buildings and works and numerous codes including road and railway assets, parking and access, stormwater management, waterway and coastal protection and historic heritage.