Strahan Waterfront Precinct Plan
Strahan Waterfront Precinct Plan

The Strahan port is an integral part of the Strahan community and the west coast: socially, in providing a sense of place for the residents of Strahan and being a critical element in the historic fabric of Strahan, economically, through employment opportunities and the enhancement of the tourist experience and aesthetically, through creating a picturesque back drop to the town. The relocation of the Tassal and Huon Aquaculture fish farm operations to Smiths Cove, together with the Community Assets Program initiative of TasPorts and the current condition of the waterfront area, prompted West Coast Council, TasPorts and the Department of State Growth as key land managers to engage ERA in conjunction with Playstreet Landscape Architecture to facilitate the development of a precinct plan for the Strahan Waterfront. The plan developed a vision for the Strahan Waterfront Precinct which ensures the long term economic, social and environmental sustainability of the precinct. The methodology ERA followed for the development of the precinct plan included stakeholder consultation with businesses of the waterfront and users including commercial fisherman, asset owners, community groups and key stakeholders such as the fish farm operators, the commercial fisherman, tourism operators and community representatives.

The resultant precinct plan included the development of strategies, action to achieve those strategies and low, medium and high priorities for each action. The strategies centre around the following considerations:

  • The placement of equipment and infrastructure in the precincts.
  • The identification of commercial opportunities.
  • Land use options and opportunities.
  • Identification of areas for public space and improvements to visual amenity.
  • Community and stakeholders needs and desires.
  • The maintenance activities planned to be undertaken by Tasports.
  • Maintaining adequate and safe separation of working port and tourism activities.

(Image supplied by Playstreet)